Khun Supicha Krajangmeteekul and Khun Arnuparb Tarntong
November 29,2014
Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Hotel


Once upon a time at a seminar somewhere in Bangkok, Noon (When working in food industry marketing) met with Boy (working in his family’s beauty products export-import business). As professionals do, they exchanged business cards and later that evening began chatting online. As the months passed by, they began meeting for dinners, lunches, and evenings together more and more frequently. With the passage of time their feelings came into clearer and clearer focus that they wanted to spend their lives together. Boy surprised Noon with a Valentine’s Day proposal, complete with a video, roses, balloons, and most importantly, an engagement ring.

Nuptial celebrations were held in the grand ballroom of the Grand Hyatt Erawan in Bangkok—luxurious, elegant, classy, and a favorite of the groom’s father. Importantly, the Hyatt’s ballroom is also exceptionally large, able to accommodate up to 900 guests in a high-ceilinged, wide-open space fitted with opulent chandeliers. Among the crowd of friends and family coming to help the couple with their wedding plans was perhaps their most important assistant: Chic Planner. Before coming to Chic, both bride and groom had gone together to talk with many other wedding planners, but in the end decided on Chic Planner because of the detailed and complete range of truly useful detailed tips that Khun Noon and Khun Boy could use for their wedding plans. Chic’s one-stop service managing each and every aspect of their nuptials meant that both of them could enjoy total peace of mind, saving headaches and precious time they could spend on many other aspects of their big day.

A gray-yellow tone color palette was chosen for the wedding, to give it a bit of distinctive edge and set it apart from the usual color schemes chosen for wedding ceremonies. This small gambit by the planner worked beautifully: from an arched tunnel-like entrance of flowers, guests moved to a photo backdrop wall of perfectly arranged yellow flowers. From there, the interior was decked out with floral wreaths arranged around the main stage and crystals hung from the ceiling throughout the ballroom. The atmosphere was of a beautifully classic wedding, modelled on western-style nuptials, with the father walking the bride down the aisle, before ceremonially sending her off to her husband-to-be. Symbols and ceremony to show that, from now, the groom promises to do his utmost to care for the love of his life.

Everything worked out perfectly and met all the concepts that bride and groom desired and had laid out together. Most laudably, the wedding planner paid careful attention and gave high importance to the role and place of the parents of both bride and groom. Guests were unanimous in their impressions and praise for the event, lavish and extravagant unlike anything they’d been to before.

From Wedding Creation Magazine.