The Wizard of Flower

The Wizard of Flower
“Khun Suriya Krutthong”
Chic Planner Worldwide Service


For every step is a challenge and conjuring his spells of happiness

For one decade that this Wizard with unrivalled magical power, Suriya Krutthong or Khun Kung of Chic Planner, has been wagging his wand behind the curtain waiting to unravel the beauty that he has conjured up from endless lists of floras – a symbol of beauty and well-wishes for the love-filled moments. If you have seen his works and try to feel them, you will have no more doubts of this man’s nickname, Suriya Krutthong. Khun Kung is not just a florist but an artist who paints the smiles with flowers that give warmth and tell stories.

Is it an overstatement to nickname you The Wizard of the Wedding Industry?

“You say it right that I am not just a florist but the heart of creative design to transform a space for weddings to receive a large amount of guests to be extravagant by using fresh flowers. That is what I do. The Before and After pictures are what stun and impress people. They accept the ambience that I think impossible to achieve or something they have never experienced which at least in this industry, no one else had ever done what I am doing.”

“My work is more than being a wedding planner. Everytime I receive a brief, what challenges me apart from making the space beautiful, one needs creativity which is sciences and art and all the knowledge and expertise to succeed. Who would believe that Chic Planner could transform a Hall, tractor parking lot, rice silo or even a closed down street into a new space that bears no resemblances with its former self with witnesses in the form of wedding guests. This is what proves our excellence at work.”

What is you inspiration?

“My inspirations come from the world around us, the nature, the trees, the grass, the music, all these can create inspirations. But I must insist once again that I am not a florist. My work is not just about flower arrangements. It is the mood and feelings. Works that ooze charms is not those with only superficial beauty but those that create a sense of reality, a tangible reality that leaves an impression.”

How does your working style flare?

“Each of my work exudes my artistry. Clients who got the budget but went to those who do not possess the expertise would never get what they truely desire. Chic planner works with fresh flowers but one must understand their nature and test how long those flowers could last.”

“If the location is outside of Bangkok, one must consider the logistics. We might have to provide a cold room. We must make sure all the flowers, imported or not stay fresh until the end. Especially for hotels in the provinces, we have to take into account the humidity, the temperature, etc. Imagine the complications… Anything could happen… In an unusual spaces we need engineers to guarantee the safety of the structure which of course comes before the beauty.”

“Outdoor spaces require us to consider the temperature. To construct a 4-storey castle, we must consider the wind. Creativity is needed to succeed in each project, for example a wedding that hosted 16,000 guests that needed an outdoor space while the clients’ desire was to transform it into an indoor space. The hosts only got an hour to receive all the guests… We needed to figure out how to manage all the guests to reach their seats in one hour. It is the only work that make one cry… But a cry out of happiness.”

You always say that your staff give it their absolute all?

“Yes, one cannot be a one man show. My team really is devoted. There was a wedding in Chainat that took us half a month to prepare. Then a typhoon came and necessitated us to finish all the works once again in 6 hours. But we did it!

How do you describe your Chic Planner?

we use 50 people on average but some events take 200 to realise. Each of our staff are experts in different aspects and that is why we make sure we can control the high quality of our work”

“Thai people can still be confused between wedding planners and florists but at Chic Planner, we’ve got it all. In this industry we need craftsmanship and passion and many wedding planners choose to excel in just one expertise. What the clients get from Chic planner is an all round service that is devoted and passionate about what we do. That was why we won the 32 Asia’s Most Influential Wedding Companies award.”

“Wedding are products from dreams. Our work must not get outdated even after decades. Weddings are not fashion. They are classic. Weddings are about one single day that we, at Chic Planner, must make it linger in the memory for days to come. We always tell our clients about what mishaps that would come to pass- what we could not control.”

Between what clients want and what is possible, what do you choose?

“Discussions come first. Normally the clients already like our work so we can adjust to each client’s character. One must know oneself before others to be able to work on it.

If one knows their budget, we can work on it to realise their dreams to the best of our abilities.”

Please compare flowers with the love between the bride and the groom?

“Flowers are love. Each day is love. No one sees a flower and cry. Each type of flower gives a different feeling to each person. Some might like lilies’ elegance while others prefer the grace of roses. The love between men and women are varied like flowers. But love give them happiness. And the flowers we choose must reflect that.”

Flowers are ephemeral but the memory they give could last for eternity.

An article from Wedding Creation+Honeymoon Magazine.

25 July – September 2016