Chic Planner Documentary – Episode 2: DNA

Every anniversary is a milestone.

Join our decade anniversary of Chic Photography and 12th anniversary of Chic Planner with our 2 proudly special documentaries “Chic Planner : The Story of Dream and Passion.” project. 

Chic Planner Documentary – Episode 2: DNA

Our gorgeous philosophy started from 2006, Chic Planner set up our significant signature which are delicate, artistic and tasteful. We established our reputation as the expert of leading wedding planner and we provide the most perfect flower decoration.

Chic Planner provide the perfect and very exclusive service. Our client will get the advices from the masters in every step of their wedding, they will get all the best for their beautiful and elegance wedding.

No matter how big does the wedding, the extravagance or the cozy one, our creativity will provide the memorable experience for everyone. All guests are equal. We deliver the sophisticate but not arrogance vibe.

We research every detail carefully for the best come out. Every guest can feel the genuine of the quality, the attention and the humility from our value service.



Filmed : Chic Photography
Cinema directed by : Peranan Wanwaithayajit
Location : The St. Regis Bangkok