10 years anniversary of Chic Planner, a decade of pride


10 years ago, Chic Planner entered the wedding planner industry with the passion to create beauty and perfection. With the perfectionist’s obsession, Chic Planner today stand at the top among peers in its industry.

“We began when few people knew the concept of a wedding planner. Now everyone takes a wedding planner as part of their wedding. We have come quite far and at the point where people around me, be it my family, my team or mu clients have become part of our success. With their trust, each and every day becomes a day of happiness for me to move forward.”


“The passion for what we do gives us the happiness to work but more than the happiness is the success that our brand has gained and has proved itself over the years that we have become one of the few companies to answer to the needs for lifestyle, wedding and flower arrangements for our clients.”


What Khun Suriya is talking about is the creation of different lines of businesses to answer to the different needs of his clients from their wedding day to after where they would have a place of their own. Each of his brand is well received by his clients who love exclusivity. His many brands are;

Chic Planner Privé: Ultra High-End

The ultra high-end brand started in 2011 with the concept Unique and Personality-Based. Chic Privé only receives 3 bookings annually to make sure a completely exclusive service with total care and attention to every little detail for its special clients.

Chic Planner: Super Premium

The beginning of it all. Chic planner serves couples who search for perfection to begin their journey of life together.

Chic Photography: Premium Core

For those who believe in immortalising their moments together. A professional team is ready to record your love life story to express your commitment, connection and memory that would last forever.

Chic Casa: Excellence and Exclusivity

An interior design team that will help couples to decorate their house with a sense of luxury that will inspire their journey of life together.

Chic Swan: Tribute to Successful

To commemorate Chic Planner’s 10 years anniversary, Chic Swan offers the service to decorate a space for its clients in accordance with their budgets for them to get the touch of luxury at an affordable price.

This is an empire of luxury that brings in a sense of finesse and an attention to details to make everyone’s dreams come true.


“…for me, all this is more that what makes me proud.”


A short sentence that is full of energy from Khun Suriya is the conclusion to the first decade of Chic Planner.



An Article from We Magazine, written by Nicharee


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