Khun Phatcharee  Tachasattaya  and Khun Solosh  Nanthawatsiri

January 31,2013

Siam Kempinski hotel Bangkok


Many weddings get an outpouring of extended hands from friends and family wanting to help out with whatever they can. But if those offers of help don’t step in time with the your wedding’s theme, “Extra help” can easily turn into the unwanted burden of managing the friction of different expectations. Be proactive and firm to avoid getting stuck between the proverbial rock and hard place having to choose between your own wedding plans and a stream of suggestions from your loved ones. Both bride and groom should be crystal clear and upfront about what they want. Even in the face of heart-melting offers of help from bff’s or beloved cousins, the couple should be clear about their own plans, themes, and ideas.

There’s no fixed rules as to what makes the most memorable wedding. The only real measure of success is if bride and groom are both happy and satisfied. Simple and traditional; flowery and sweet; bursting with color; grassroots DIY, or experimental and unconventional if the idea comes from the couple’s mutual love and understanding, then anything can work. No one thinks exactly alike, and diversity makes the world beautiful. Show that beauty.

 Pat and Poom approached their wedding plans with no special theme in mind. They consulted their wedding planner with only the broadest outlines of what they wanted. In the end what they wanted was something that almost every bride-to-be in Thailand dreams: “I want to be a princess.”  The problem being, when ten of ten women who walk into a wedding planner’s office ask for the same “princess” theme, how to create something unique and different?


“Princess” can mean a lot of things,” Khun Kung Suriya of Chic Planner explains. “Fairytale princess, floating in mist and shrouded in cloudy fantasy, or the real life regality of an actual princess, surrounded by sophistication and costly luxury. In this case, the bride-to-be, Pat, wanted something in the middle of the road; the rest she’d leave to her planner to decide. Ultimately, hiring a planner is hiring someone’s tastes and preferences. That’s just what it is neither good nor bad and every planner has their own signature touch. In the end it’s up to the couple to research before coming in to see us. They choose a person that matches their own style. The couple is paying the planner because they trust them—sometimes they trust us even more than they trust themselves! Pat clearly wanted something that matched her sweet and girly personality, so we chose pink peachy and sweet as the signature color, then went for a really eye-popping ceremonial opening, to keep everything from being too twee and cutesy.”


“Khun Poom, the groom, actually has his own well-known event management agency. Everyone expected he could easily handle his own wedding, but since he knows well the difference between organizing an event and planning a wedding, he was more than happy to let a professional planner come in to manage his big day. He took on just the procedural planning—which he’s most adept at—and left the rest to us. Khun Poom gets that the nature of an event is fixed, harder, and that a wedding is like a “dream” that requires a softer, delicate touch. It was really easy for us to work together he actually came to observe 2 or 3 of our weddings before making his final decision to hire us. If both parties are on board, everything is easy.”



“At Chic Planner we use orchids a lot. But as we mentioned, for this job we wanted to strike a balance between “fairytale” and reality. So we relied on flowers a bit less, and brought in other props to balance things out. We chose classic, ivory-hued fabrics cut in enormous swathes and draped and wrapped them around every inch of the ballroom walls, from entrance to interior.”


“We used a floral wall for our the photo backdrop. We were going for a luxurious and elegant look, so we chose blooms with a light hue: white, pink, and light purple “hoary stock” flowers. The light color palette wouldn’t clash with anyone of the guests’ colorful outfits for photos. Using the stock flower was a special choice. They not often used on boards or as backdrops (usually they’re placed in vases) since they have a somewhat bushy shape. But since they have some dimension and a delicate, fragile look, we tried them out, arranging them on our photo backdrop, and they came out looking gorgeously unique.


The older generation really likes the Chinese, family-style, lazy-susan dinner table setup, but it’s difficult to give such a utilitarian dining arrangement a sophisticated flair. But clever design can save the day—for traditional Chinese-dinner setups, we really have to draw the guests’ eyes from the floral centerpieces on each table to the stage. When the meal is served, the centerpieces need to be removed and tables are left with no kind of decor at all. We solved the problem by placing large decorative plants between all of the guest tables. This helps create atmosphere in the ballroom, and most importantly adds visual beauty to photos of the event—instead of pictures of guests seated at tables piled with cutlery, glasses, and plates of food, there will be greenery and color, softening and enlivening the images.


Khun Pat and Khun Poom’s wedding didn’t have the usual gallery of photos of the couple that are normally placed along the walkway entrance into the wedding event space. Instead, we decorated the entranceway with unique visual forms placed over a ceiling-high steel framework and covered in citrus flowers (rutacaea), hung with Spanish moss, and we placed stock flower all around the base. We really tried to push all the visual attention to the stage and photo backdrop for this wedding. The walkway was almost an afterthought, mainly to keep the entrance from looking too open or empty. We tried to strike a balance between letting most guests easily walk in and out of the event area, while allowing enough space for guests waiting to take photos to stand and line up.

Shining Candles with Special Fragrance

This wedding was a complete multi-sensory experience where we gave special importance to fragrance, as well as audio and visuals. On the stage and around the event space, we placed over a hundred specially-blended aromatic candles. Mixed especially for this event, we chose a vanilla-peach aromatic bouquet to fill stage area with a special fragrance and give the entire event an alluring odor. Why this scent? Vanilla is strong and jumps out at you, but might be too pungent for some people, or might start to feel acrid after extended exposure, so we mixed it with a peach fragrance to balance it out. The overall fragrance also helped to tamp down food smells from the banquet, which can often drown out the scent of the flowers on stage. And because smell is such an important part of memory, no matter when or how many more times they might run into this fragrance, from now on the bride and groom are sure to remember their wedding day anytime they smell it!


From  WE Magazine.



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