It is undeniable that Chic Planner is behind the many glamorous and most talked about weddings in Thailand. Their success, however, did not come easy. It is the fruits of a decade long devotion to their work as a wedding planner and today we are going to bring you to the world of a wedding planner.

Moving back to 2006, Chic Planner was founded by Khun Suriya “Kung” Krutthong, its artistic director who brims with creativity and is responsible for its success today.

One quintessentially Chic Planner charm is the use of flowers to represent happiness and give a ceremonial ambience to any wedding.

From the first day until no, Chic planner has grown into an entity that spans into 5 different brands to serve their growing clients.

Chic Planner Privé

The ultra high-end brand started in 2011 with the concept Unique and Personality-Based. Chic Privé only receives 3 bookings annually to make sure a completely exclusive service with total care and attention to every little detail for its special clients.

Chic Planner

The beginning of it all. Chic planner serves couples who search for perfection to begin their journey of life together.

Chic Photography

For those who believe in immortalising their moments together. A professional team is ready to record your love life story to express your commitment, connection and memory that would last forever.

Chic Casa

An interior design team that will help couples to decorate their house with a sense of luxury that will inspire their journey of life together.

Chic Swan

To commemorate Chic Planner’s 10 years anniversary, Chic Swan offers the service to decorate a space for its clients in accordance with their budgets for them to get the touch of luxury.

Chic Planner began with the determination to create special moments for people in love. The philosophy behind their works is sure to bring happiness among their clients on their special day. Chic Planner is more than a wedding planner but an art that fulfills your life.


An article from Wedding Creation Magazine



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