Khun Srinarin ‘Yuri’ Nakkaew and Khun Thanyapong “Tod” Vanichkul at the Community Hall, Lopburi Province


“Love and mental stability is the key to proving our live” this is the definition the couple gives to their love. They show the guests that their love begins with firmness – from the time they had to live apart when Khun Yuri had to work in the country for 9 years giving them the chance to meet each other only once a month. That was when they learned that no matter how far they are, if they are firm enough, they can overcome all obstacles.

The engagement party was held in the morning. The ambience was filled with sweetness and happiness from the a mix of white orchids and pink roses with a touch of water drop shaped crystals hanging down from the wall like a fantasy English garden.

The bride came out in a pink traditional Thai pleated outfit with a golden fabric thrown over whole the groom, dashing in grey suit. Then the bride shifted into a green-red traditional outfit where as the groom donned a golden court outfit.

The evening reception still kept white as its theme, this time it was the roses and crystals. The austere community hall was transformed into a plush fairy tale castle. A tunnel lined with crystals leading people inside where a grand stage stood with a wall of crystals served as its background. Crystal-studded candelabras and white candles set the dining table blended harmoniously with a colossal wedding cake. The bride surprised the groom with her singing a love song- an act that ended the night as an unforgettable evening for years to come.


An Article from We Magazine


The Wizard of Flower

The Wizard of Flower
“Khun Suriya Krutthong”
Chic Planner Worldwide Service


For every step is a challenge and conjuring his spells of happiness

For one decade that this Wizard with unrivalled magical power, Suriya Krutthong or Khun Kung of Chic Planner, has been wagging his wand behind the curtain waiting to unravel the beauty that he has conjured up from endless lists of floras – a symbol of beauty and well-wishes for the love-filled moments. If you have seen his works and try to feel them, you will have no more doubts of this man’s nickname, Suriya Krutthong. Khun Kung is not just a florist but an artist who paints the smiles with flowers that give warmth and tell stories.

Is it an overstatement to nickname you The Wizard of the Wedding Industry?

“You say it right that I am not just a florist but the heart of creative design to transform a space for weddings to receive a large amount of guests to be extravagant by using fresh flowers. That is what I do. The Before and After pictures are what stun and impress people. They accept the ambience that I think impossible to achieve or something they have never experienced which at least in this industry, no one else had ever done what I am doing.”

“My work is more than being a wedding planner. Everytime I receive a brief, what challenges me apart from making the space beautiful, one needs creativity which is sciences and art and all the knowledge and expertise to succeed. Who would believe that Chic Planner could transform a Hall, tractor parking lot, rice silo or even a closed down street into a new space that bears no resemblances with its former self with witnesses in the form of wedding guests. This is what proves our excellence at work.”

What is you inspiration?

“My inspirations come from the world around us, the nature, the trees, the grass, the music, all these can create inspirations. But I must insist once again that I am not a florist. My work is not just about flower arrangements. It is the mood and feelings. Works that ooze charms is not those with only superficial beauty but those that create a sense of reality, a tangible reality that leaves an impression.”

How does your working style flare?

“Each of my work exudes my artistry. Clients who got the budget but went to those who do not possess the expertise would never get what they truely desire. Chic planner works with fresh flowers but one must understand their nature and test how long those flowers could last.”

“If the location is outside of Bangkok, one must consider the logistics. We might have to provide a cold room. We must make sure all the flowers, imported or not stay fresh until the end. Especially for hotels in the provinces, we have to take into account the humidity, the temperature, etc. Imagine the complications… Anything could happen… In an unusual spaces we need engineers to guarantee the safety of the structure which of course comes before the beauty.”

“Outdoor spaces require us to consider the temperature. To construct a 4-storey castle, we must consider the wind. Creativity is needed to succeed in each project, for example a wedding that hosted 16,000 guests that needed an outdoor space while the clients’ desire was to transform it into an indoor space. The hosts only got an hour to receive all the guests… We needed to figure out how to manage all the guests to reach their seats in one hour. It is the only work that make one cry… But a cry out of happiness.”

You always say that your staff give it their absolute all?

“Yes, one cannot be a one man show. My team really is devoted. There was a wedding in Chainat that took us half a month to prepare. Then a typhoon came and necessitated us to finish all the works once again in 6 hours. But we did it!

How do you describe your Chic Planner?

we use 50 people on average but some events take 200 to realise. Each of our staff are experts in different aspects and that is why we make sure we can control the high quality of our work”

“Thai people can still be confused between wedding planners and florists but at Chic Planner, we’ve got it all. In this industry we need craftsmanship and passion and many wedding planners choose to excel in just one expertise. What the clients get from Chic planner is an all round service that is devoted and passionate about what we do. That was why we won the 32 Asia’s Most Influential Wedding Companies award.”

“Wedding are products from dreams. Our work must not get outdated even after decades. Weddings are not fashion. They are classic. Weddings are about one single day that we, at Chic Planner, must make it linger in the memory for days to come. We always tell our clients about what mishaps that would come to pass- what we could not control.”

Between what clients want and what is possible, what do you choose?

“Discussions come first. Normally the clients already like our work so we can adjust to each client’s character. One must know oneself before others to be able to work on it.

If one knows their budget, we can work on it to realise their dreams to the best of our abilities.”

Please compare flowers with the love between the bride and the groom?

“Flowers are love. Each day is love. No one sees a flower and cry. Each type of flower gives a different feeling to each person. Some might like lilies’ elegance while others prefer the grace of roses. The love between men and women are varied like flowers. But love give them happiness. And the flowers we choose must reflect that.”

Flowers are ephemeral but the memory they give could last for eternity.

An article from Wedding Creation+Honeymoon Magazine.

25 July – September 2016



Over the past 11 years, Chic Planner has established itself as Thailand’s preeminent wedding organizer, creating stylish and timeless talk-of-the-town celebrations, tailored around the individual style, tastes and preferences of couples

LUXURY AND SOPHISTICATION are two fundamental pillars of Chic Planner’s philosophy, according to founder Suriya “Kung” Krutthong. “A wedding happens only once in a lifetime. It’s an historic day in the lives of the bride and groom, which is why we are so passionate and dedicated to create an unforgettable experience for them,” he says.

This passion, coupled with an uncompromising approach to quality and attention to the smallest detail, has earned Kung and his team at Chic Planner a reputation they are very proud of. They have created some of Bangkok’s most talked-about and extravagant wedding events, turning the wildest dreams and aspirations of many couples into reality.

Conceived from the most creative and beautiful inspiration, these splendid occasions have been so brilliantly executed, earning the company a top spot on Signature Weddings magazine’s “Most Influential Wedding Company” list.

Another secret of Chic Planner’s success, says Kung, is quite simple: flowers – and lots of it! “We have made a name for ourselves with flower arrangements and installations, using loads of the most beautiful flowers. Our use of flowers has set a new industry standard, because no one has ever used flowers in such an extravagant way. It makes it quite challenging and you have to rely on very specific skills and talents,” he explains.

The biggest reward for Kong lies in being part of the happiness that is created through weddings – the happiness of the bride and groom. “I’m in love with weddings,” he professes. “The charm of weddings is that people are always smiling when they come to see us. everyone who attends the wedding is happy. The beginning of a new life together for a couple is such a joyous occasion. Sometimes the planning towards the special day can take up to two years, so we become very close to the couple – like family, really. This is the real appeal for me, making it very different from other professions.”

Since there is such a close relationship with clients, Kong admits that there is consequently also a lot of pressure on him and his team to meet the high expectations of soon-to-be-married couples. Clients expect to be wowed and to have a wedding that’s different, and Chic Planner is known for delivering exactly that: a wow factor.

“We have been very lucky in always getting a very clear brief from clients. They would tell us what they like and don’t like, and we would come up with a concept that’s in line with that. Many couples are quite daring to go out of their comfort zone – to go along with our ideas. For example, once we decorated a Chinese banquet entirely in black, and another couple wanted the ballroom transformed with a ‘Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry’ theme – something straight from harry Potter. These kind us challenges are really fun for us,” Kung says.

He has very specific ideas on how the business of organizing weddings in Thailand has evolved in recent years. “In 11 years, other industries don’t seem to have so much history. But for the wedding planning sector, so much has happened. In the beginning, Thais were only familiar with the term ‘wedding studio’. When we first started with wedding planning, it was something very new in Thailand. Back then there wasn’t anything like it, but we started doing it anyway.”

Kung admits that is was rather challenging in the beginning, because clients didn’t understand what their services encompassed. “They didn’t realize that flower arrangements and the services offered by a wedding planner are two entirely different things. As a wedding planner, we are highly specialized – it requires a lot of skills and expertise; how to use flowers in a theme to create something exquisite and beautiful, knowledge of different flower varieties, the shape of the petals, the symbolism behind some flowers… each stalk, each petal, all of it contributes to the whole event. It’s almost as if we are using flowers to create sculptural decorations,” he explains.

“Also, we use only real  flowers. Whether you are standing right next to the flower backdrop or three metres away, you can still sense the natural beauty of the flowers. This is all part of the services offered by a wedding planner. It took at least three years to make people comprehend the concept, and from there on we started to make a name for ourselves,” Kung recalls.

Indeed, Chic Planner is renowned for transforming venues entirely with flowers into a magical wonderland. “I still remember when we first started – the first time we filled an empty courtyard with three tons of flowers in three days,” Kung says. “There was a waterfall, a castle… and everyone talked about it because they have never quite seen anything like it.”

He admits that, at times, the scale of the projects they take on comes with certain risks. “An example is the wedding of M.L. Songlak  Svastivadhana, a member of the Thai royal family – like many of the other guests. We used altogether 1.5 tons of fresh flowers, and thousands of Swarovski crystals – all threaded and suspended from the ceiling. It required detailed craftsmanship and very precise engineering skills to ensure the safety of guests. Worse still, we only had one day to complete the task. It was a big challenge, but very rewarding.”

Kung also vividly remembers the wedding of Tan Thaugsuban, a high- society occasion attended by 16,000 people. Just to imagine the logistics is a nightmare, but he and his team ensured that it all went down without a hitch.

“Of course, I am very proud of the successes we have achieved. every event – no matter how big or small – is an experience that makes us even better, forever striving for perfection. I currently have 35 staff in total, which in this industry is quite high. everyone receives continuous training according to their individual specialties. At the same time we have a lot of fun and enjoy every new assignment,” he says.

Kung adds that Chic Planner does not have any sales staff – every team member is a specialist – and they don’t o er an o -site service. Clients have to consult with them at their studio, unless of course they have to scout a specific event location.

Asked to define their work in one sentence, he says: “Our work is a symbol of beauty, style and exquisite taste with luxury being a key attribute.”

Chic Planner offers a one-stop service to cater for any kind of wedding, with a strong focus on tailor-made solutions to ensure that every event is a

masterpiece all of its own. For clients requiring extra-special care and attention, Chic Planner Privé is a highly personalized service, complete with a dedicated personal assistant to the bridal couple. “each year we accept only three bridal couples for this exclusive service,” Kung says.

Another standout is the luxury brands used by the company – everything is of the nest quality. “There is no compromise for us, only the best will do. That, combined with our creativity, energy, workmanship, exquisite craftsmanship, the way we embrace nature in our work and the passion we demonstrate is after all what sets us apart.

“We sell exclusivity, from the first time a customer steps in to consult with us until the event that’s ultimately such an important historical page in their life. It’s our job to ensure the most special day in a bridal couple’s life is as perfect as it could possibly be.”

September 2017




Suriya Krutthong

Devising the unique and creating the extravaganza for every wedding under the concept “Luxury”

Behind many of the most talked about phenomenon of tastefully orchestrated and ostentatious weddings that transform fantasies into reality must have the name of Chic Planner Worldwide Service as their maker. The company strives to create one masterpiece after the other and won its rightful place as one of the “32 Asia’s Most Influential Wedding Companies” by the Signature Wedding Magazine, consolidating its prime stature.

If we ask what makes Chic Planner Worldwide Service a company of great vigor that endlessly creates works that one would only describe in superlatives, the answer is this man Mr. Suriya “Kung” Krutthong- a man passionate with bringing each couple the happiness by transforming dreams in reality.

“A wedding is just a day, that is true, but for many this day marks a milestone in their lives’ histories”. This statement can be said to reflect the beginning of his 11 years long business of passion. A passion that comes from bringing lovers happiness. “I fall in love with weddings. The charms of weddings are when they come to me with a smile. The brides who are passionate about their weddings will be happy. That makes me happy. All the guests who enter the weddings are happy. Being part of the beginning of a couple’s journey of life together makes me happy. These days I don’t see coming to work as a duty to meet clients but to share and immerse in discussions with my friends. Some couples spend more than two years in discussion with me before their wedding date- leading to us becoming close and that is the charm that is hardly found in other businesses.”

“Once we have arrived where we are now, the scariest thing is the client’s expectation of the work and its designers for each client already have an idea in mind. Some may have a clearer picture while some may not. The budget is one part but expectations are much harder to deal with. Clients expect their weddings designed by us to be different and unique. That’s where we have to explain that everything goes by logic. Chic Planner is quite lucky for we have a clear image. When our clients tell us what they want it is not difficult to catch the main idea and work on it. At the same time we must admit that our clients are quite open-minded and many are daring and ready to try something off the beaten path with us. Once we organised a Chinese banquet themed wedding but in black or another time the clients wanted to Hogwarts school as their theme. This is the fun we have at Chic Planner.”

Differentiate Oneself with Unique Transformations

“Compared to other industries, the period of 11 years seems rather trivial, but for the wedding planner industry, it is long. We started when Thai society only knew of “Wedding Studios” so wedding planning was a novelty especially when there was not even a Flower Arrangement service in the country. We had a hard start because the clients did not understand the differences between a flower arrangement service and a wedding planner. People still believed that weddings with extravagant flower arrangements only needed a Wedding Planner which was far from the truth.”

“The key of this new business lies  in the flower arrangements that require high skills and expertise in maneuvering flowers to create something refined and unique. We have to think of the types of flowers, the shape of petals, their varieties, their meanings, etc. Each branch and petal can affect the whole project as we use them to create a sculpture that becomes the heart of the whole concept. We always use real flowers to make sure that the guests can bask in the natural beauty of them from wherever they are at the wedding. This is part of our Wedding Planner service that took approximately 3 years for people to realise and understand us. Then people began to know us for our Flower Arrangement that once used tons of fresh flowers to create. It was the talk of the town for this industry as few people had used strange and exotic flowers like we did. It was a big challenge that required a lot of expertise.”

“What gains us a wider reputation was what we call Transformation which is to transform a space into something else. I like it when a client said to me that our work was as if created by magic and that is the definition of Transformation. The forst time we did it was when we conjured from an empty, using 3 days and 3 tons of fresh flowers, a paradise garden that stunned everyone. It was really a novelty, a glob, a waterfall, a castle like in Harry Potter – we have already done all those for our clients!”

Overcoming All Challenges

When asked about the hardest part of this creative business, Khun Kung immediately replied that the damage during the event itself is. “At the wedding of M.L. Songlak Savasti, the majority of the guests was of royal lineage. This wedding required the highest attention to every detail and not only about beauty but also the function. That time we used 1.5 tons of fresh flowers to decorate 3 tons of Swarovski crystals that would be hung from the ceiling. We had to calculate to make sure the structures would hold and no danger would befall any of the guests seating below. Accidents were out of the question! To make matters worse, we only had one day to install them. I find achieving spotless results under such a limited time frame a cool challenge to overcome. To work with such an amount of fresh flowers and crystals that required florists to manage by hand in 24 hours was the greatest of all challenges and we succeeded. The clients were pleased and kept recounting it to everyone as if they were our spokespersons. For the clients, no matter how much they pay, if they are satisfied with it, for them that is enough.”

“The other big challenge was the wedding of Tan Thaugsuban for it was not about the decorations but people- 16,000 guests at that for a chinese style banquet. We had to use a big team of producers to work out how to count the guest numbers in one hour and that the newly weds would not get exhausted from taking photographs. And we succeeded and that became my pride and that of the whole Chic Planner also. Each work gives us experience required to grow. Everything is to be a perfectionist.” And that what earn Chic Planner the place among the 32 Asia’s Most Influential Companies by Signature Wedding Magazine, an award for the devotion and passion that Chic Planner gives to its clients.

“I am fortunate to have a team that gives it their all, 35 of them- a high number for this industry. Here we train each of them for different duties and to always look for new inspirations as you can’t do it alone in this business. Each of my staff are talented and can deliver to the same high standard of excellence while I look at the big picture. That is the key to all the successes of each assignments where I did not over work myself and can also still enjoy doing it.  If we had not gathered a highly skillful team, we would not have come this far.” Khun Kung also added that Chic Planner does not have a salesperson as everyone there is a specialist.”

“We began with offering our services at an Excellent level. We do not meet clients outside of our office. They must first come to us through appointments only then after some agreements we could meet up with them at the site of the planned wedding”

Luxury is Chic Planner’s Signature

“We are the symbol of beauty, style, and taste. Therefore the word Luxury summarises Chic Planner best. We can turn a wedding of every theme into a luxurious one. And our service is all-round. Apart from being an office, we’ve got a house to discuss with clients, we have got wedding planners and florists. We even got a warehouse and everything to answer to our clients’ whims. But actually, our clients come to us because I like our work. They know our style and they love it but also want a unique touch that would turn their wedding into a masterpiece which we have Chic Privé to satisfy that very class of clients- but only 3 couples per year only.”

“Do not forget that our clients are those who have already had success in life. To make these people feel impressed or more fulfilled, one needs the power and creativity. Chic Planner always adds artistic elements into its works. I never see it as a wedding but we assemble arts, natures, craftsmanship with happiness and beauty to create for them an unforgettable moment. We also use products from luxury brands to decorate our works – perhaps a key to our success in making sure our clients understand the values for their money.”

“If you are ready to be Chic Planner’s client, please do not hesitate to contact us. Just be confident of your taste and believe in your lifestyle and trust us. We offer you the exclusivity since the first moment we meet until it becomes part of your life’s history.”

An article from Hello Magazine, July 2017



It has been 3 years since Chic Planner Worldwide Service stands on the top for Luxury Western style weddings with the superlatives in terms of beauty, and extravaganzas as if by magic. A good example is that of “Khun Srinarin ‘Yuri’ Nakkaew and Khun Thanyapong “Tod” Vanichkul– a romantic wedding that became the Transformation of the Year. From the austere and grim Community Hall of the Lopburi province, Chic Planner turned it into an English Garden so dreamy it should belong only in a fairy tale, with a plush curtain of pink roses juxtaposed with purple Hydrangea and white orchids that served as a background for the glittering crystals and candles on the endless  dining table. It was the night that people would remember their community hall for a very very long time.


An Article from We Magazine, December 2016



Khun Ing-plat “Klee” Kumchaya and Peerapol “Bank” Ampaiwit’s wedding
at the Plaza Athenee Hotel, Bangkok.

From colleagues to soul mates and finally to man and wife. With a congratulatory bouquet of flowers sent over by H.R.H. Princess Bajrakitiyabha that brought joy and gratitude to the newlyweds, hydrangea gardens bloomed with strings of crystals as if in a castle from a fairy tale. Pre-wedding photos as well as those from the Thai style engagement ceremony lines the long corridor leading to a grand wall of white orchids that served as a backdrop for taking photographs.

A big stage dominated the reception room with a small walkway filled with green and white hydrangeas leading to yet another side stage with butterflies coming to admire the flowers.

An Article from WE Magazine


WED YOUR WAY 2016 Wedding Fashion Runway & Showcase

Wedding Fashion Runway & Showcase


W hotel joined hands with leading wedding magazine, Wedding Guru in hosting‘Wed Your Way 2016 Wedding Fashion Runway & Showcases’, revamping wedding fairs from the banal into a stimulating activity full of wedding gowns and accessories on the catwalk along with tips and trends for each guests.

Visit the Great Room, now transformed along with other reception areas into various wedding themes for the guests to take inspirations from with a fashion show of wedding gowns, Bridesmaids’ outfits and the groom’s outfits from leading Thai designers. At the event, you would meet experts who can advise you on anything and everything a bride and a groom might want from name dropping talented pre-wedding photographers, trends and techniques for make-up and hair styling from leading stylists and make-up artists as well as jewellery and etc…

‘Wed Your Way 2016 Wedding Fashion Runway & Showcase’ under supervision of Chic Planner by Khun Suriya Krutthong who commented on the concept of this event – “If the charming of the modern woman is the combination between sexiness, courage and modern way of thinking which breaking from the conservative style. My flowers can truly represent her.”~ Mr.Chic #ChicPlannerAndI


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An interview with Khun Suriya Krutthong of Chic Planner Worldwide Service

A short sentence to explain who you are

“We are the symbol of beauty, style, and refined taste.”

What is your brand signature?

“Luxury is the word.”

What drives you to become a wedding planner?

“The trust that each client gives me. It gives me the joy of achieving my work for 365 days of the year.”

Your working style?

“I would like people to understand the differences between a wedding planner and a florists. Our company consists of experts in various aspects to make sure that we can achieve a big picture of a great wedding. We assign one wedding planner for each couple to make sure that we can make every detail perfect.”

“Regarding the process, we start from the couple coming to us to discuss their needs. Then we tell them what we can do. If they agree we have another meeting to discuss their lifestyle so that we can determine how we would design a wedding for them. Then we can dig deeper about who the couple really are and we work on that.”

The biggest surprise and the way you handled it?

“We always face Transformation projects. Once in Chainat province, we inaugurated a big tent on a rice resting field. At 5 am a typhoon came and damaged it. The hand over time was at 1 pm the next day but we fixed it in time. Normally we always hire 30-40% extra workers for events in the countryside just in case something happens. It is a heavy cost we bear so to make sure everything goes smoothly. Our perfection does not lie only in appearances but in every detail.. Quality comes before beauty.”

What would you like to say for the bride and groom to be?

“One must know oneself for each wedding planner has it own expertise. If you do not have much time on your hand you should opt for those who offer a full service.”

What is a Wonderful Wedding in your opinion?

“Works that are timeless. I like fantasies and sophistication but I still fell that timelessness is what would last and the next generation can still appreciate. That is my goal because I bekieve a wedding is something very special.”


An article by Nicharee, We Magazine.




Chic Planner Mooncake


An elegant and exquisite timeless legacy

The moon festival is coming closer, Chic Planner proudly to present you our special moon cake for celebrating our 1st decade anniversary. As our company concept which always attach great important to sophistication, our moon cake also provide the best ingredients and control the supreme quality by The Okura Prestige Hotel. We are proudly to give this luxury delicious moon cake as a complimentary to every couple who confirm the booking with us within 25 August 2016.

Please contact our Wedding Specialist for more information.

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