The Wedding of Khun Yoghurt-Nattasha Bunprachom and Khun PK-Piyawat Kempetch

The Wedding of Khun Yoghurt-Nattasha Bunprachom and Khun PK-Piyawat Kempetch.

The theme for this glamorous couple is “Under the Spell of Flowers”. The couple intended to magical create the floral tunnel at the lobby of Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok. As the welcoming zone for every guest that came for congratulations for them.


Credit from ; L’Officiel Thailand :

Behind the Scenes of the Wedding of ‘Mr.AUi and Mr.Tom’, the LGBT Inspiration wedding

Behind the Scenes of the Wedding of  ‘Mr.AUi and Mr.Tom’, the LGBT Inspiration wedding.

The wedding that is the Wedding of the year is belong to ‘Mr.Aui and Mr.Tom’, a gay couple who inspired LGBT people to live a perfect life in their own way.

“Who ever want to live a fantasy love life. You have to fight to the fullest” A quote from ‘Tom- Mr.Tan Siang Kia’, a partner of  ‘Aui- Mr.Sumet Srimuang’, who has been living together for over 20 years, and decided to organize a wedding. 

Mr.Aui and Mr.Tom first met in 1999. At that time, Aui was 32 years old and Tom was 22 years old. The two met for the first time in Bangkok. Aui described that “I know that he’s the right person.Never felt like this before, that makes us try to find ways to live together.”  After dating for 1 month, Aui flew to live with Tom in New York. But 3 years later, the obstacle occurred, Tom graduated from New York University (NYU), so he had to choose between going home. (Singapore) or coming back to Thailand with Aui At that moment, it was a difficult time for both of them, because Tom was unable to speak Thai. As for Aui, who already has a home business, moving to a foreign country was a very difficult decision. Finally, they both decided to break up and go back to their hometowns. 

At that time, Tom was very upset that he lost 10 kilograms of weight. When he returned home, Tom shared the whole story with his family. His sister suggested Tom to follow his heart by coming back to see Aui in Thailand.  Tom made the decision to meet Aui again. Finally, they both agree to start to plan their life together here. 

After over 20 years of obstacles and dreams, Aui and Tom decided to celebrate their 20 years of love by hosting a wedding that was as grand as they wished for.  All of the events that happened were the dream of Tom who wanted to have this kind of wedding once in a lifetime. And it came out perfectly as they expected. Moreover their wedding  is called as the wedding of the Year.

“We want people to understand more about the same gender loving which can be the true love of life. Our marriage is like a dream of many gay couple , and inspire others as well.  We also want the society to accept the same sex marriage. From our beginning until this day, we have to fully fight to our dream so hard.” Tom said that the happy moment that they decided to get married was like to celebrate the 20 years which both of them fought together.

Although when Tom  and Aui was married , the act of same spouse was draft. But at this time they are still not able to register any  legally document. Anyway they solved the problem by drafting wills according to the law instead. “When the law does not accept  We must find a way to help ourselves” Aui said.

Aui and Tom’s wedding caught the great attention from many same gender loving couples and many celebrities. They came to celebrate their love at the wedding. Aside from the luxury ornament of the wedding  The wedding of both was like an announcer and a good inspiration for the LGBT people to fight for their relationship, even they may face a lot of obstacles. And never give up that one day they will overcome and will celebrate success as both of them.

“Both of us have overcome many obstacles. Our love lives are not the bed of roses”  Mr.Aui conclude.

Engagement and wedding ceremony of Miss Bitoey R Siam and Mr.Phattaphon Kunchorn Na Ayutthaya

Engagement and wedding ceremony of Miss Bitoey R Siam and Mr.Phattaphon Kunchorn Na Ayutthaya.
Saturday 5th, October, 2019


The Engagement

The original concept of the design of engagement that was used for engagement ceremony came from  “Kosum Prathumman” or inspired by the lotus flower as the lotus flower is the queen of the water and is also a symbol of virtue.  This time, Chic Planner teamed up with Siam Kempinski Hotel to create amazing and meaningful design. By drawing the identities of the lotus flowers and lotus leaves to create a contemporary Thai style. Along with the decoration, we created a unique luxury feeling with golden crystal shadow, which was a craftsmanship of Chic Planner’s craftsmen,it took more than 366 hours to create.  More than 10,000 crystals assembled into flower shapes and water droplets. After that, all crystals would be reassembled into sculptures inspired by dew on lotus flowers and lotus leaves in the next morning.


The Wedding ceremony

The extension of contemporary Thai design from the engagement  became the concept of a brilliant creation, “Legend of the White Rose”, by using the white rose as the heroine of the decoration. To convey the meaning of pure love from the heart and never  expect anything in return We drew the beauty of Cream Yves Piaget Rose to be used as the main inspiration. Then added another 3 beautiful flowers, including white roses, phalaenopsis orchids and white hydrangeas. All created in the form of a magnificent flower sculpture.

“I respect the nature very much. True beauty is the beauty of nature.  And this time I want to bring the great beauty of nature to the couple”- Suriya Krutthong – Creative Director.