Every anniversary is a milestone.

Join our decade anniversary of Chic Photography and 12th anniversary of Chic Planner with our 2 proudly special documentaries “Chic Planner : The Story of Dream and Passion.” project. 

Chic Photography Documentary – Episode 2:  The Passion

“I truly fall in love with the monochrome image. I feel lucky for myself that I have a chance to create work that I really have passion for. And the most important thing is it means a lot for me that my creation make people happy.” – Mr. Chic

Chic Photography “Moment for Life” – Pisa, Italia
Directors : Jittanun Wanwitayajit
Music : Fix you
Clothes : Poem Menswear
Locations : Pisa, Italy   



An intimate family dinner

Exclusively for Khun Aum Patchrapa.

Master of elegance

Exclusive interview for Yogurt & PK’s wedding with Mr. Chic, Suriya Krutthong, creative director of Chic Planner Worldwide Service.

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