Onanong  Phueakwatthana

“The guy who is behind our elegant and beautiful as the fairy tale wedding ceremony is Mr. Chic and also his team, Chic Planner. Everyone is kindly helping us to have the very best wedding in our dream. Mr. Chic and his crew are truly awesome. In fact, I’m his fan club for more than 10 years. Every year he creates a lot of amazing wedding ceremonies. Every event is fantastic. I never fell disappointed that I choose him for managing my wedding. As I used to dream that if I get married, Chic Planner must be the one and only to run my wedding. Since I know that he is available for the date. I feel very comfortable with the wedding. He and his team give us very good advises for months. They take care of me from head to toe. For the decoration, I have no concern, because I know that I got the best one in this business to take care of me. And when the big moment came, it was awesome! He was amazing, he created everything for me like magic. The crew took very good care for me and my groom. I used to hear that on that day, the bride and the groom may not have any chance to eat or drink and may be very tired, but both of us weren’t like that. They bring me food and water. He likes the wizard of the wedding business. He makes a dream comes true. Me and my husband, have to thank you again. I will always love and respect you like this forever.”

Sdana Unumaranon

“From the guy stood behind Mr.Chic and the lady, on the first day I met him. I saw the man with the well-organized brain with a whole lot of ideas who were trying his best to propose the unwritten dream for his customer. Mr.Chic said to me “Please let him creates something he has never done before, don’t let the budget limits his idea.”  His speak affects the way I think to my business. I am proud that me and my wife chose Chic Planner as our partner. In that night, I started to understand the word my friends told me “It is your day.”  Mr.Chic and Chic Planner team are professional who you can trust in the most important day in your life with.

If you are looking for the best, I will recommend Chic Planner.

Jared Leto — ‘Don’t regret anything you do, because, in the end, it makes you who you are.’

Thank you Mr.Chic and the Chic Planner team.”



My life is driven by love. My work makes me feel the luckiest person...


We extremely appreciate Mr. Chic, Chic Planner and Organizer team for...


Once in a lifetime that you make me like a princess. You fulfill my dream....

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