Kachapa Aukkarapukdeenarinad

After celebrating the most important event of our lives, in my opinion people generally say congratulations to bride and groom. But regarding to my wedding reception I have received more than this kind of felicitation. Since the reception until this moment that I am writing this note that has been almost a month, we still receive many complements and questions. Our guests feel impressed about our creative and fancy ceremony. It was like a wedding that everybody dreams about but in my case it has been created in the real life. We have been asked many questions like who is our wedding organizer, whether we spent a big budget, whether we should call it the best reception of the year. Some left us a comment like this was the most beautiful wedding that they ever assist. Some asked us for a picture so they will copy for their wedding. Some felt amused about the songs and light decoration and so on.

We are happy and grateful to answer all these question because our guests like our reception. I still remember what Kung, our wedding planner who is one of the best creative organizer of Thailand said to me that normally many people do a wedding reception only once in their life time. If the reception is great, people still remember your wedding for the next 20 years. It is a priceless memory and we must do it as best as possible… Thank you, Chic Planner.

Rachanisnan Lieangchoothin

We have been preparing our wedding plan for more than one year. At the beginning we did not have any information. We did not know what we should do or what kind of things we should use or how we set priorities in our to-do list. We had too many questions in our head but all of our worries were less. Everything became easier since we met our lovely and loving wedding organizers, Khun Peed and Khun Kung who were determined of what they were doing by telling us that “the only thing you have to do is to prepare yourself. The rest is our duties. We will take care of them and we will do the best too.

The 3-4 hours of our wedding reception was a very meaningful time for us. It came out better than my own dream. The selection of lights, colors, sounds, cakes, flowers and decorations took us to another world where gave us a warm-hearted feeling. All of our guests were also happy too. Thanks Chic Planner with all our heart.



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