Kirana Narasuwan & Kenny Jackel

“Dear Chic Planner,

As a shy and private couple, we were deeply concerned how to remain authentic and feel comfortable about our wedding. My wife and I began searching for wedding planners and were intrigued with some but none of them clicked until we met Chic Planner. We had an aesthetic idea of what we wanted but didn’t want to micro-manage the process, we needed creativity and action due to the time constraints. With Chic Planner, we found great a combination artistry and a supportive staff that get things done. We were specific in explaining our priorities, general tonal, balance and color theme. Beyond that, we were given excellent advise about seating arrangements, dinner types, dresses and much more. Looking back, these choices saved us from making terrible decisions. They actually cared enough to come to a multitude of fittings in inconvenient locations and were entirely accessible all of the time.

What really blew our minds was walking into the ballroom after the reception photo taking in the pre function area, which took place in front of a beautifully tasteful flower display in a classic and elegant style. Everyone of our guests who greeted us in this classic setting had no idea of what awaited them inside the ballroom. The warmth in the ballroom was simply fabulous. We knew the moment we stepped into the room that this was going to be an amazing night. One of ideals we expressed to Chic was to try to create an atmosphere that connects people. The setting that Chic created was so immersive and glowing that we literally felt that we were in a very special place. To illustrate that point, every photo taken was amazing and it was a photographer’s dream. The creation went to such incredible depth, that subtle design details could be seen everywhere. The table settings, candle arrangements and perfectly used of flowers that properly were sized to be special and to fit into the scene, not overwhelming the table. The lighting was essentially a one of a kind light sculpture in 3 dimensions. Beautiful, flowing and engulfing candles and LED wash lights. Had we used the hotels lighting, we may have well as had our wedding in a conference room. The lighting Chic dreamed up completely changed the entire feel of the ballroom that none of hotels lighting were used at all. Changing it from a cold place into one of the most electrifying atmospheres we have ever witnessed. The sound was also fantastic, it was like being in a great theatre and truly experiencing a program.

There were so many touching and magical moments during our wedding that were heightened by the atmosphere that truly had connected our guests, families and friends that could not have been possible without an elegant, sophisticated and widely creative artist that Chic is. Five days after our wedding all of our friends and family still can’t believe what took place and can’t stop talking and posting about it.”

With love,



My life is driven by love. My work makes me feel the luckiest person...


We extremely appreciate Mr. Chic, Chic Planner and Organizer team for...


Once in a lifetime that you make me like a princess. You fulfill my dream....

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