An interview with Khun Suriya Krutthong of Chic Planner Worldwide Service

A short sentence to explain who you are

“We are the symbol of beauty, style, and refined taste.”

What is your brand signature?

“Luxury is the word.”

What drives you to become a wedding planner?

“The trust that each client gives me. It gives me the joy of achieving my work for 365 days of the year.”

Your working style?

“I would like people to understand the differences between a wedding planner and a florists. Our company consists of experts in various aspects to make sure that we can achieve a big picture of a great wedding. We assign one wedding planner for each couple to make sure that we can make every detail perfect.”

“Regarding the process, we start from the couple coming to us to discuss their needs. Then we tell them what we can do. If they agree we have another meeting to discuss their lifestyle so that we can determine how we would design a wedding for them. Then we can dig deeper about who the couple really are and we work on that.”

The biggest surprise and the way you handled it?

“We always face Transformation projects. Once in Chainat province, we inaugurated a big tent on a rice resting field. At 5 am a typhoon came and damaged it. The hand over time was at 1 pm the next day but we fixed it in time. Normally we always hire 30-40% extra workers for events in the countryside just in case something happens. It is a heavy cost we bear so to make sure everything goes smoothly. Our perfection does not lie only in appearances but in every detail.. Quality comes before beauty.”

What would you like to say for the bride and groom to be?

“One must know oneself for each wedding planner has it own expertise. If you do not have much time on your hand you should opt for those who offer a full service.”

What is a Wonderful Wedding in your opinion?

“Works that are timeless. I like fantasies and sophistication but I still fell that timelessness is what would last and the next generation can still appreciate. That is my goal because I bekieve a wedding is something very special.”


An article by Nicharee, We Magazine.





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