Tanyatorn Khulpaisal and Kittipon Prasitsupaphol

We would first like to say thank you to everyone in Chic Planner team – starting from P’Kung who brought our fairytale to life, P’Aor for picking up our phone calls no matter how late it is at night, P’Nueng and P’Peed who helped us get through our big day with such ease (Throughout it all, it’s almost like we have formed a tiny family). Before our wedding, our work and life schedules were extremely hectic, however, we always knew that we were in good hands since we had our dream team there to guide and support us every steps of the way. This of course was proven right on our wedding day, we will forever remember the very moment we stepped into the hall for the first time and saw the magical decorations that are crafted for us. It was sophisticated, unique, and a little bit crazy! We couldn’t have imagined a more perfect day. Thank you Chic Planner.

Mama Mon

Dear Khun’ Kung and Chic Planner team,

7 years ago, Kung made me feel that the wedding ceremony of Tar and Pui ; my son and my daughter-in-law,  was the most beautiful and perfect wedding that I’d ever saw. Until today, I still remember that how Kung and team work really well. 

When my daughter, Natt , was going to get married, Kung was the first one and the only one  that came up into my mind. I called him as soon as possible to ask him for taking good care for my daughter’s wedding and he said yes without hesitated. He promised that he would manage his schedule to make sure that he could do that. I was really happy and started to dream about having beautiful and perfect wedding day again. 

At that day, my expectations were beyond the reality because Chic Planner were really better than I ever expected. I don’t know how to make the definition for “Kung and Chic Planner”. The guests were also really appreciate with the wedding, they said they never saw such a beautiful wedding like this before. After the wedding celebration finished, they still kept taking more photo.

Kung’s design is not only reflect his identity but also satisfy the needs of his clients which are their dream, their imagination and their love story. As I follow Chic Planner’s instagram, I found that they have variation styles of design, but they never copy their own ideas. They come up with new and variety ideas but still keep the signature of “Kung and Chic Planner”. Actually, I cannot say that there’s no repetition with their works , because the things that keep happening are the beautiful and impressive wedding. 

I am impress with the things that Kung and his team do for us. I would like to say thank you so much for the creativity, the circumspection, and the love that you and your team give to my family.

With plenty of love,



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