Kanyawara Uthairath and Potsawat Petchariya

“October 19th, 2019 is the important day for Mint and Diamond. Before that day, we tried to find a lot of informations from many wedding planners. Our friends also tired to help us too. Finally, we found Chic Planner. I remembered the first day that we went to their office, we got the first impression for their concept and their pervious work from the creative director, Mr. Kung, so much. We just gave them the guideline about what we like, the style that we love . No need to explain much but he understood us and transformed our imagination to the sketch. We really appreciated that since the first glance. We didn’t change anything. We really had to say that it was exactly what we had in our mind. Actually it was more beautiful than we ever thought.

Miss Peed and Miss Aor, Chic Planner staff, took very good care for us, they arranged the sequence, let us known what, when and where we needed to do in the nest steps which were really helpful.

For the big day, when we had to do the rehearsal, the first time that we walked through the door, we were so exiting and full of surprise. It was speechless. It felt like we step into another world. We were very happy and had more exiting by the light, the sound and the smell of the fresh flowers all around the room. Everything at that day made me felt that Chic Planner was the right choice for us. All the guests had a lot of complements for the wedding that was really beautiful, romantic and very luxury.

We would like to thanks Mr. Kung, Miss Peed, Miss Aor and all the crews that make Mint and Diamond’s dream come true, even beyond our expectation. It will be in our valuable memory forever.”



Marriage is one of the most important moments in life. In order to get the perfect, we need the best of the best professional organization....


The other person who is really important to us is P’Kung. Thank you so much for create our wedding. It was so amazing...


The way Chic Planner held our hands and advised us through one of the most special days of our lives was exceptional.

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