Khun Shin Ju Ah  and Khun Sarawut   Rachanakul

July 12,2014

Centara Grand at Central Plaza Ladprao Bangkok


Love Beyond the Horizon
Different nationalities or even different languages are no match for true love. For Yun Sarawut, a sincere and striving heart was what it took for him to win over the heart and hand of Korean actress, Shin Ju Ah. In courting her, he charmed not his bride-to-be, but also her entire family and friends. So their wedding became a classic romantic-and-family affair, done up in the midst of a sea of flowers, all in traditional matrimonial white.

When Love Was Born
The couple first met while Shin Ju Ah was in Thailand on holiday with a friend. Khun Yun was doting and caring during the entire time she was in the kingdom, though at the time they could barely communicate with each other—Shin Ju Ah only spoke Korean! But love conquers all and, after two years of them discovering each other’s hearts and language—Yun gathered up all his courage and made the treak to Korea to ask Shin Joo’s family for their blessing to make it official.

White Classic Entrance
The wedding planner came up with an all-white entranceway, decorated in the front with photos of the bride and groom, and the walkway into the wedding hall cordoned off to both left and right with walls completely covered with bouquets of small flowers sprinkled with white rose petals. In the center a white peacock stood nobly over a fireplace. All of this was designed to draw guests eyes and focus their gaze on the wedding event, and counter the distractions of the surrounding hotel atmosphere.

Orchid Backdrop
White orchids were extravagantly arranged on a backdrop to just properly balance the Thai touch with a classic traditional wedding motif. The groom had requested that the wedding be realized with elegant and luxurious simplicity, and use as few flowers as necessary, per the Korean style. Thus, the planner gathered all of the floral beauty into this single point for the pleasure of Thai wedding guests.

Luxurious Crystal on Stage
The central stage was lavishly decorated with over 100 crystals, sending flickers and sparks of light twinkling all across the stage. Directly in the center, a gazebo draped in pure white cloth and adorned with pure white roses anchored the stage—the groom’s idea, inspired by Korean-style outdoor weddings. An oversized chandelier was hung from the gazebo to lend an air of refinement, then dressed with gypso flowers lit with candles to create romantic atmosphere. A tall catwalk-style was included on the main stage, decorated with pots of gypso flowers and classically-styled water fountains from end to end of the catwalk. In the end, everything fulfilled the bride’s utmost wishes for a less-adorned—and not overdone with flowers pure white wedding swathed in elegance, luxury and romance.

Special Wedding Cake
Yun and Shin Ju’s wedding cake was placed on a stand at the end of the center aisle, surrounded on all four sides by oversized pots with bushy floral arrangements. A Continental style special-order cake, designed exclusively for the bride and groom’s wedding, took center stage. Beautifully dazzling all-white and well over two meters tall, it drew in all eyes for the traditional cake-cutting ceremonies.

Romantic Ceremony
The ceremony began as the groom entered onto the stage, en route to meet Shin Ju Ah, herself walking down the aisle with her father. Before groom, bride, and bride’s father met at the end of aisle, where her father would give away the bride to ascend onstage with the groom, Khun Yun surprised and moved everyone to tears when he prostrated himself at his bride’s father’s feet. During their interview, bride and groom made almost unbearably sweet promises of eternal love and fealty, followed after by a video presentation of scenes from the couple’s pre-wedding photoshoot at a beautiful seaside location. Finally the couple headed off to cut the cake and ceremonially toss the bride’s bouquet. Crowded to overflowing with single ladies both Korean and Thai, this bouquet toss didn’t need a word of explanation or hype from the master of ceremonies to get these women excited to catch the bouquet and see who’d be next in line to tie the knot!

Thai Style & Korean style
Korean style weddings are very similar to western church-based ceremonies. Bride and groom are separated and kept apart until the wedding officially begins. The bride enters on her father’s arm, and then her father gives her away to her new husband-to-be, after which bride and groom proceed onstage together. The best man and bridesmaid also come on stage to sing and dedicate their songs to the happy couple. After that, the couple cuts the wedding cake—in Korea, massive, authentic pound cake is preferred. The entire ceremony takes about one hour, and there are usually no more than 200 guests present: usually only close friends and family. Guests sit in assigned seating and there is no standing, and no food served during the ceremony. Instead guests receive food coupons for the after-service banquet held elsewhere in the hotel.

Cultural Compromise
– Koreans stick to a simple color palette with few ostentatious colors. For this wedding, white was the color of choice, to easily control color coordination. An all-white photo backdrop, however, lacks visual flair, so it was adjusted by adding mirrored glass to give an opulent feeling to the backdrop.
– Koreans use flowers only sparingly. Flowers were inserted at various spaces in the ceremony: on tables and along aisles, to add detail and dimension.
– A long catwalk was installed, as Korean weddings normally have, that extended all the way to the end of the stage. The planner adapted this to fit a more Thai style by adding an additional stage for the cake at the end of the walk and adding some decorative details to the sides of the walkway.
– Both Thailand and Korea have different approaches to shooting pre-wedding photos. Koreans mostly shoot in studio, where they can set all the elements and create a life-like look: anything from a garden setting to various rooms and indoor locations. Most couples who want to shoot outdoors go abroad to take their photos.
For their pre-wedding shoot in Korea, Khun Yun and Shin Ju Ah didn’t have any specific concept in mind, they only asked that the images look good, stylish, and most importantly, stay focused on the bride and groom above all else. With the focus almost entirely on the couple, their wardrobe, hair, and makeup had to be completely on-point. Shin Ju Ah took on the job of personally finding the right studio that, in the end, produced beautiful, perfect pictures that met the approval of both bride and groom.

From WE Magazine

The Imperial Wedding

Khun Purima Boonkhum and Khun Chayaphol Phommakun

The Okura Prestige Bangkok

Pol and Ja-Aey were married on the 6th of March, 2011. To mark their special occasion, they held a 4th anniversary celebration. Khun Pol, the husband, got inspired to hold the event by a number of events that he and his wife went through since getting married. Both of them experienced a range of good and bad, and some of their biggest mistakes and challenges made both of them think back on when was their happiest time—the answer was their wedding day. Celebrating this anniversary for them was like a return to their newlywed days, and a fresh start on life.

Even with the passing of so many years, the couple Chic Planner for their special event, just as they had four years previous for their wedding. They liked the creative ideas of Chic’s team, their beautifully executed results, and appreciated Chic’s attentive customer care. The couple threw down the challenge to come up with an event even more extravagant than the first time around; Chic Planner didn’t disappoint them.

Before their wedding day, the couple traveled to Hokkaido, Japan to shoot their pre-wedding photos. High recommended by their wedding planner for the beauty of its natural locations, it remained a rare choice for wedding couples for photo shoots because of the cold weather and long distance. Both bride and groom, lovers of a good challenge and fans of going their own way, made the trip to Hokkaido. They had to brave the biting cold, but once they saw the impressive images, they knew it was more than worth the trip.

The location chosen for their celebration was The Okura Prestige Bangkok, a new hotel fitted with excellent facilities. The hotel’s banquet room was beautiful, fit with the event concept, and had the guest capacity. Bride and groom especially wanted extravagance and elegance—but with a warm touch, as this was a celebration of their love together.  The couple kept their guest list intimate: only 120 of their closest friends and relatives were invited. Over 75,000 roses were used to decorate their event; everyone in attendance was dressed in red, giving the celebration a feeling of classic luxury. The beautiful bride wore a dress with a train extending to three meters and a veil nearly ten meters long. Most impressive, though, were the vows by both bride and groom, committed to each other once again before a crowd of witnesses: that they would love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives, with the same love as on the day they decided to spend their life together.

This wedding anniversary, under an elegant but cordial atmosphere, both celebrated and was built from the love and happiness of bride and groom. Time is the true test; true love for each other will always remain firm.

From Wedding Creation Magazine