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Khun Kamonrath  Suwannakoot  and Khun Somkit  Jariyapornrung

February 22,2014

Renaissance Hotel Bangkok



In an age when we communicate so much through social networks, it’s now normal that that should be the place where two people to come to know each other, talk and learn about each other, and build that relationship into full love. When love ripens and matures, it’s the auspicious time for those two hearts to join in a life together.

Khun Golf and Khun Lek first met through social networks; one of Golf’s best friends introduced them and got them chatting on their BlackBerry’s. After getting to know each other for some time, Golf invited Lek and her friends to join his birthday celebration in Melbourne, Australia their first face-to-face meeting. Afterwards they kept talking, chatting, and building their relationship, caring for each other and caring for each other’s family as well. As the days passed the feeling grew ever stronger that “this is the one.” In the end, the decision was made and the wedding bells rang out as they promised to love and cherish each other forever.

The couple began looking for a wedding planner to take care of their special event, and decided to take on Chic Planner to organize and manage their wedding in entirety, impressed with weddings they had seen Chic take on and confident that Chic would fulfill their wishes to the utmost. The color theme for the wedding was “Burgundy red” as the bride was born on a Sunday (red is the color associated with Sunday in Thailand). The backdrop was festooned with dark red roses, flown in from Kenya specially for the occasion, interspersed with green stems to represent the groom, born on a Wednesday. The bride wanted a western-style, sophisticated and elegant wedding, so VIP tables decorations were made with real European crystal. Dinnerware and flatware was also switched out for a more elegant choice, along with tables draped in sleek black cloths trimmed out with silvery lines of diamond stitching.  Oversized, tall illuminated “light fountains” were erected throughout the wedding space to give guests the tantalizing feel of being transported into an elegant and luxurious fairytale land.

The highlights of this nuptial celebration from the illuminated fountains to the massive number of dark red roses spread everywhere cloaked the entire event in an atmosphere of sophisticated beauty. Guests were delighted and marvelled at the event’s interior decor. Thanks for all of this goes to Chic Planner to help design and look after, down to the smallest detail, every part of the wedding’s grandeur. The day made a real impression and was a true success.

From Wedding Creation Magazine

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Vive la Couleur



Khun Suchada  Junsuwan  and Khun Poowapan  Rusmeererkset

March 15,2014

Renaissance Hotel Bangkok


Love that starts from intimacy and is nurtured in the bonds of relationship leads a couple to this day: the day they decide to start their lives together as one.

Khun “Toffee” and Khun “Rung” first met in college. Studying in the same classes together, they started with friendly meet-ups and talk that soon led to the decision to be a couple. After eight years of growing more and more into each other, they decided to take the plunge and tie the knot.
Bride and groom chose the Renaissance Hotel, and took on Chic Planner to look after organizing every aspect of their wedding after seeing an example of Chic’s work that made a big impression on them. They entrusted Chic to create a spectacular floral wedding, with flowers covering every inch of their wedding, since both bride and groom were flower-lovers and wanted something special. Chic Planner came through with elegant results.

Guests coming into the wedding hall first met a registration table decked out in flowers. Just beyond that, an enormous wall of flowers awaited guests’ group shots as dramatic floral backdrop. Once inside, they’d run into a dazzling wall of giant orchids, along with bouquets. A chandelier made entire of crown flowers (in Thai, “love flowers”) and adorned with crystals was draped from the ceiling, setting off beguiling twinkles. A dining table was built special-order for the wedding and decked out in French lace and set with flowering vases. Even the base of the cake stand was covered in flowers to match everything else in the room.

This wedding was outstanding in its use of fresh flowers, especially orchids, in decorating every nook and cranny of the event space. Aside from being visually stunning, the flowers created a beautiful aroma; like the scent of the couple’s ripening love, sweet and fragrant. Toffee, the bride, gave big thanks to Chic Planner for their help creating her dream wedding and the professionalism of their team. Thanks to their careful attention to detail everything came out perfectly and made a lasting impression.


From Wedding Creation Magazine