Professional golfer Wedding


Professional golfer Kiradej Abhibanrat marries Thanyathorn Chairat
At the Plaza Athene Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand on June 5, 2016.


The love story of this bride and groom has started as they were kids. Arm Kiradej Abhibanrat, a professional golfer or as known as “John Daly”, and Fan Thanyathorn Chairat, a lecturer of Hotel and Tourism Management at the International College of Bangkok University have known each other since their childhood. And the destiny brought them back together again but not immediately they become couple. Before they end up, Fan’s heart had been occupied by someone and Fan had to wait and keep their relations as a good friend. Since the day that they are together, it is almost 9 years and today they will spend all the rest of their lives together as a married couple.

The wedding ceremony is decorated from the entrance of the hall with the blue and violet delphinium along the sidewalk and romantic pictures of the bride and groom. Before entering the silver tunnel decorated with crystal balls that create rainbows and brilliant light, the blue and violet delphinium can be found along the way until the backdrop and their colorfulness is still showing off in front of the silver stage.

After the presentation, our bride and groom will appear on the stage. This is one of the most impressive moments of the wedding that can make many people cry. The groom will wait for his bride next to the stage and the bride is walking toward him accompanied by her father. The bridesmaids are also waiting along the walksides scattering pink rose petals to the bride while she is walking to meet her bridegroom.

The highlight of this event must be the surprise that the groom dedicates his time to prepare a music video clip in which he also sings the song by himself. The bride also returns this surprise by singing the song Rak Khun Khao Laew which is composed originally by Boy Kosiyaphong and Pod Modern Dog. This will make Arm cry and give a promise in front of everyone that he “will always love this woman until the last second of his life”.

And then the couple will light the candle and cut the white cake with the sweet songs Mee Ther and Ya Plian Pai of the famous Thai singer Rose Sirinthip Hanpradit. As its tradition, the ceremony will end when the bride throws her flower bouquet.