Chic Planner’s Weddings Give You Happy Ever After With An Enchanting Twist

Chic Planner’s Weddings Give You Happy Ever After With An Enchanting Twist

A glimpse into how Chic Planner’s floral arrangements add a touch of magic to help every couple’s dreams come true



Every wedding is magical in its own right. There is just something profoundly heartwarming about celebrating love and a couple’s new beginnings. Behind all the glam and romance of a ceremony though are months—sometimes even years—of meticulous planning. And when it comes to making your once-in-a-lifetime moment extra memorable, few can compare with Chic Planner.



With a philosophy that blends luxury and sophistication, Chic Planner has established its reputation as one of Thailand’s best wedding organisers, having topped the industry for 12 years. The reason their weddings are so magical? Chic Planner’s team’s passionate approach to curating the best in every aspect, combined with their attention to the smallest of details, plays a large role in their ability to execute the most perfect weddings for their customers, earning them the top rank in Signature Weddings magazine’s ‘Most Influential Wedding Company’ list.



Suriya (Kung) Krutthong, Creative Director at Chic Planner believes another key secret to the company’s success is their bold usage of floral décor. Inspired by nature, the flowers create a sense of grandeur that is both luxurious yet impeccably refined, offering an experience that indulges all five senses.  Guests at weddings organised by Chic Planner are continually blown away by the spectacular flower arrangements, and the company’s exquisite floral installations have set a new and unrivaled industry standard.



“I’m in love with weddings,” professes Suriya. “The beginning of a couple’s new life together is such a joyous occasion. Sometimes the planning towards the special day can take up to two years, so we become very close to the couple—like family.”  Chic Planner’s team value their discussions with clients regarding how they envision their big day. Many clients have been willing to take the adventurous route with the team, resulting in greatly-hyped events that use a wide variety of different approaches for truly remarkable results. For instance, a Chinese banquet was transformed under a totally black theme. An even more creative approach was used for another event, where the ballroom was turned into the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from Harry Potter. While challenging, these kinds of requests are where the company can truly shine.



Ideal for couples looking for a truly stunning and memorable start to their shared lives, Chic Planner offers a wide range of services. Pre-wedding photography services are delivered under Chic Photography, where couples can capture their love and shared happiness in breathtaking snaps. Services then continue throughout the planning process up until the big day. With Chic Planner, anything is possible—from a venue filled with 1.5 tonnes of fresh flowers to thousands of Swarovski crystals threaded and suspended from the ceiling, adding a touch of wander and luxury to help every couple’s dreams come true.


By Mary Losmithgul on Mar 30, 2018