Khun Anchalee Jinjang and Khun Puttanon Somphol

December 21,2014

The Okura Prestige Bangkok


Bee and Lek first met at a restaurant, introduced to each other by friends. They talked and stayed in touch for a while, but eventually grew apart as Lek had to go abroad for study and work. But, true love is true love! After Lek’s return to Thailand this happy couple got back together with an even deeper understanding of each other. On a trip to Japan together, Lek prepared a special surprise for Bee: he proposed to her in a tiny Tokyo cake bakery. After seven years together, they both felt it was time and they had more than successfully proved the strength of their love and disproved the myth of the “7 year itch!”

Matrimonial ceremonies were held at the ballroom of  The Okura Prestige, Bangkok. Able to accommodate a very large amount of guests, the couple also like various functions of the hotel, including a large outdoor space, and The Okura’s culinary creations.  Bride and groom agreed they’d need a wedding planner to help manage their ceremony and chose Chic Planner for their professionalism—an assurance to Bee and Lek that they could trust them with all the responsibilities of planning and a guarantee of a quality result.

The bride wanted a wedding with lots of flowers; the groom liked romantic lighting. Chic Planner didn’t disappoint with a “Tiffany Blue” color-themed wedding plan, starting from an entrance hall decorated with branches from both sides, gracefully arching to meet each other midway and giving dimension to the wedding’s entry space. A photo backdrop crafted entirely from fresh flowers was put in place to lend a touch of beauty to every photo taken during the event. Inside the ballroom, downward-pointing hanging lights were hung from the ceiling over a wide area, sparkling and glittering like dazzling stars in the sky. At the center of this heavenly scene, bride and groom were transformed into prince and princess for an evening, two bright constellations in the night sky.

Both bride and groom both said they wanted “something a little more special than a normal wedding,” but neither could expect something so spectacular. The happy couple gave Chic Planner two thumbs up for a flawlessly executed wedding exactly what they wanted impressing both themselves and every guest who came to celebrate their special day.

From Wedding Creation Magazine



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