Luxury Of Life

“This work is created by local flowers, because I would like to present the DNA of Chic Planner which emphasizes the sophisticated and greatest in every detail. This can provide the unexpected result that always stun everyone.

You can see a lot of flowers in my works. They reflect the craftsmanship. They are handmade, the orchid line, the branch of flowers that decorated by Swarovski crystal, the garland of Phalaenopsis and Hydrangea, even the lily pad which are well selected. Only the best will be used in my work.

The work can reflect the amazingly of handcraft. The guests can touch the feeling of modern Thai that full of beautiful details.” – Mr. Chic


Spring Memories

I believe the scent is like a time machine, brings back to life our hidden memories...

The Redwoods

Making the extraordinary is the way of sharing my soul with the world.

Passage to Greatness

Taking into my world of creation. As if stepping into another world...

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