Luxury Wedding

Khun Mintra Watcharobon and Khun Nitipat Teekamket
At Phothalai leisure park Bangkok

To create the look of a classic ceremony, with bride and groom able to look back at their wedding photos for years and years to come, the planner laid plans on the base concept of “nature.” Whites, greens, and pale creams were chosen as the decorative color themes. This had to be matched with the personal tastes and desires of the couple for an elegant and luxurious look, along with some use of their favorite color: purple. The planning team decided to use the contrast of the differing colors to their advantage, creating visual interest between the varying tones.

The Team Behind the Scenes

For consistent quality work from everyone on the team, the planner assigned each team member to a group according to their expertise and responsibility a team for flower arranging, a team for setting and organizing lights and sound, and so on with each team given the manpower appropriate for its job. For this event, with its heavy focus on decor and staging, the planner employed many florists and decorators. Chic Planner provides in-house services for every aspect of wedding planning. Instead of shopping for a different team for each job, customers can use Chic’s convenient and smooth one stop service.


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