No one would believe more in the saying “love has no boundaries” than Khun Ta Piti, a Thai man with a sense of humour that caught the fancy of Miss Pai Win from China until it ended in a beach wedding last Valentine’s.


The romantic Ring exchange

The ring exchange ceremony was hosted with the warmth of their family and close friends of 200 people from Thailand and Shanghai.

The Location : abound with white flowers with the sea as the background.

The walkway : white carpet on green grass, surrounded by white flower petals with smalls white flower stands along the way.

Guests’ Seats : chairs covered with white cloth and tied with beige ribbons and a flower on each.

The ceremony : 4 pairs of bridesmaids and best men in cream dresses and black suits leading the bride in her father’s hands along the aisle to meet her groom. They made a vow amidst the sea breeze and joyful guests.


The beach reception party

After the ceremony, all the guests gathered in an area decorated in white.

The dinner table : western elegance; vases of white and blue flowers to imitate the sea with candelabras glittering in the middle.

Backdrop : at the side stood a grand backdrop of white flowers with bouquets of orchids and crystals hanging down and white flowers in ornamented urns on the sides.

The Stage : the highlight of the wedding and also the first stage for Chic Planner that is not adorned with flowers. It is made of mirrors with LED lights around. Above it hung more than 200,000 crystal studs to reflect the lights from the LED bulbs to imitate a sky full of starlight that blended with the sounds of the sea.

The ceremony : after the presentation projection, the bride and the groom appeared with their friends throwing flowers. The couple went on the stage amidst the music where the ceremony proceeded in a simple and swift manner. Speeches were given, most notably by their fathers.

The ceremony was full love happiness and laughters that the couple said that they would love to have such joy for the rest of their lives.


An article from We Magazine by Nicharee


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